VPN is a service that allows a remote user to create a secure tunnel into the ICTS network over a non-ICTS Internet service provider. Once authenticated the user is then able to gain access to ICTS-restricted resources.

For remote access to internal services hosted at the ICTS, we utilize the OpenVPN software. This software allows authenticated users to create an encrypted tunnel or Virtual Private Network (VPN) between their remote device and our campus. This has a dual purpose of protecting your traffic from malicious networks and gaining you secure access to campus resources. This access includes services like clusters, workstations, and access to journals.

This page links to installation guides for various devices and operating systems.

How to setup VPN

For Linux

    1. Open your terminal and type. sudo apt-get install openvpn network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome
    2. After installing restart your Network services. sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
    3. Click on the Network icon on top left corner and select. Edit Connections.
    1. Click on Add button and Choose the connetion type from drop down list Under VPN Import a saved VPN configuration.
    1. Select the "pfSense-TCP-443-.opvn" file from the Unzip folder and it should automatically import some things into the next screen.
    1. Go to Advanced. And check “Use a TCP Connection“ and click OK
    1. Provide the username and password for VPN (User ID: ****** and password ******) Provide Private Key Password ( Repeat your VPN Password ******* ) .Save
  1. Now go to Network Icon and under VPN connection. Click to connect.


    1. Go to Tunnelblick website and download the stable version.
    1. Double click on the tunnelblick.dmg file which is downloaded
    1. Click on open to install.
    1. Once installed. Double click on the VPN file ( .ovpn or .config ) provided by your administrator.
    1. This will prompt to install the configuration. Click on “only me“
    1. After installation. Go to Tunnelblick icon on top right corner and click on connect.

For Windows

      • Download OpenVPN Connect from the Website “https://openvpn.net”.
      • Install and Open the application. (it might pop an error)
      • Now click on the Network Icon on the Right bottom of your screen.
      • Right click on the Network icon and Import file.
      • Now select your VPN file provided by your administrator. And click Connect after Import file.
      • Now Enter your Username & Password of your VPN connection. And click on Connect.
    1. Open Google Play Store. And install OpenVPN Connect.
    2. Open the App and click on OVPN Profile.
    1. Browse to your VPN configuration file provided by your Admininstrator. And click Import
    1. Type your Username & Password of your VPN connection. And click Add.
    2. Now Swipe the button to Connect.
  • Open App store and install OpenVPN Connect.
  • Open your Mail and click on the VPN file provided by your Administrator. And click “Open in OpenVPN”
  • Click on + to add the configuration.
  • Enter your Username and Password for your VPN connection. Click on Connect.