Turing Hall (Data Center)

The ICTS Data Center can currently accommodate a computing capacity of about 150 TFlops comprising about 10 racks of High-Performance Computing hardware and can be expanded up to 400 TFlops.

Architectural, Civil & Interiors: The Data Center is built in the area of about 2500 Sq. Ft. with a raised floor in the DC, 450 mm high. Fire rated full height gypsum partitions, entry doors, and emergency exit doors. Isolated PHE room for Heat exchangers and piping terminations and in-room electrical

Closed loop cooling (CLC) system: Closed Loop Rack-based cooling systems are used to optimize airflow management and space utilization. The racks are designed to accommodate 1000 CPU cores per rack with a cooling output up to 30 kW per rack.

Power & UPS: Power Input line from Emergency panel i.e DG: 400 kVA, Secondary line: 400 kVA. Modular UPS with N+1 configuration & horizontal modularity up to 800kVA

Safety, Security system: The data center hosts the Honeywell Morley IAS fire detection system, Novec based fire suppression system, Water leakage detection system and a Rodent repellent system.

  • HPC Room
  • HPC Room
  • UPS Room
  • Pump Room