Turing Hall (Data Center)

The ICTS Data Center can currently accommodate a computing capacity of about 150 TFlops comprising about 12 racks of High-Performance Computing hardware and can be expanded up to 400 TFlops.

Architectural, Civil & Interiors: The Data Center is built in the area of about 2500 sq. Ft. with a raised floor in the DC, 450 mm high. Fire-rated full height gypsum partitions, entry doors, and emergency exit doors. Isolated PHE room for Heat exchangers and piping terminations and in-room electrical

Closed-loop cooling (CLC) system: Closed Loop Rack-based cooling systems are used to optimize airflow management and space utilization. The racks are designed to accommodate 1000 CPU cores per rack with a cooling output of up to 30 kW per rack.

Power & UPS: Power Input line from Emergency panel i.e DG: 400 kVA, Secondary line: 400 kVA. Modular UPS with N+1 configuration & horizontal modularity up to 800kVA

Safety, Security system: The data center hosts the Honeywell Morley IAS fire detection system, Novec based fire suppression system, Water leakage detection system and a Rodent repellent system.

  • HPC Room
  • HPC Room
  • UPS Room
  • Pump Room