Audio Visual

  • Every lecture hall at ICTS is well equipped with audio-visual media like large projection systems with full HD LCD and Laser Projectors, HD cameras for capturing lectures, DSP (Digital Signal Processor), live audio & video mixer etc.
  • On-premises video recording and live streaming facility in all the lecture halls.
  • A centralized on-premises video portal for archived material, and a YouTube channel, both of which allow everyone to go back and revisit lectures.
  • Video conferencing facility in all the lecture halls with minimum 2 Ceiling mount PTZ HD camera and multipoint video conference up to 5 video site people plus content.
  • Touch panel-based control panel in all the lecture halls.

Lecture Halls


ItemQuantity (No.)TypePurpose
Shure SLX 4 + SM584Wireless Vocal
Shure BLX 4R Lapel mic1WirelessSpeech
Shure BETA57A2WiredInstrumental
Shure BETA58A2WiredVocal
Shure SM 574WiredInstrumental
Shure SM 582WiredVocal
AKG PRO MINI-2 ( 2 MIC SET )2WirelessVocal
SONY Lapel Mic2WirelessSpeech
Beyerdynamic TG V35ds4WirelessVocal
Beyerdynamic Opus NE 600 S6WirelessVocal
Beyerdynamic Opus TS 600 with Head-Worn mic3WirelessSpeech(Lapel Mic)
Beyerdynamic GM 306/GMB S Microphone Base 2WiredSpeech(Podium Mic)

Microphone stands

TypeQuantity (No.)
Boom Mic Stand Big4
Boom Mic Stand Medium6
Boom Mic Stand Small6

Audio Console

Device nameType
Soundcraft Si ExpressionDigital Console

Sound system

Device nameQuantity (No.)TypePurpose
JBL AM 7315/95 23 Way Speaker/PassiveFOH
JBL AM ASB61282Sub-Woofer/Passive FOH
JBL Control 29AV42 way/PassiveStage Front Fill
JBL EON 6102Active SpeakerStage Monitor