Meeting Minutes WebApp

Information Technology Services (ITS) has implemented an opensource web app for taking collaborative meeting minutes. ICTS users can use their One-Account credentials to login. Users can also easily invite/add other members using the search list. 

Some of the web app features are as follows:

  • Create a meeting series and invite others
  • Specify moderators, invited and informed users
  • Create an agenda with multiple topics
  • Attend a meeting via the web with reactive live updates
  • 1-button sending of agenda, minutes and action items by email
  • Use labels to tag items for later retrieval
  • Upload binary attachments to minutes (e.g., presentations, photos)
  • Track open action items and unfinished topics across meetings

The minute of meeting web app is available at and it is only accessible within the campus.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the meeting minutes web app: